Sabtu, 6 Jun 2009


Yea.... yesterday i was missed out my post, why? oohh this because of my busy hours of working photographing at Brunei Police Forces and yesterday is my early day, i kinda not very early person, but i have to thou, work is kept on calling.

Anyway this is yesterday menu

early morning out from bed
05:15 am - A glass luke water

06:00 am - a glass of water and a bowl of Oats mix with 2 tablespoon Anlene Milk Power and 250ml hot water(As you can see the picture below)

not morning snack for me, since i am busy

12:00pm - Stir fry vegetable with 2 pieces wholemeal bread and a glass of water

afternoon snack i have 6 piece of simple biscuits and drank down with a glass of water

06:00pm - 2 tablespoon of rice with my thumb size fried chick with no skin on, steam mix vegetables and a glass of water

11:00pm - before sleep i drank 500ml of "LITE TEA" for my detox

EXCISE : Yesterday i don't do my excise, cause i have planty of editing pictures...
CALORISE : i think it's about 1500 cal and yea, i didn't burn it, but i do burn some well i walk and run during my photo session.

Meanwhile today is Saturday, as my rule on Saturday i can enjoy anything i want to eat, but there's a twist i can eat all i want during my breakfast. i think this is nice to do after a week dieting, so that you can get the temptation. so this is my menu of the day...

early morning out from bed
06:00 am - A glass luke water

10:00 am - Breakfast with Nasi lemak, Fry Anhcovies, 1 hard boil egg, Sambal(our traditional cili sauce), Acar(cucumber,carrot, brown onion, cili, ginger mix with vinegar), Fry Popia and a piece Cucur Ubi Manis and drank with 300ml necasfe. (As you can see picture below, LOVELY isn't it? ><>

12:00pm - 300ml regular tea

no afternoon snack

06:00pm - planty of water

11:00pm - before sleep i drank 500ml of "LITE TEA" for my detox

EXCISE : Today is my netball pratice might be 2 hours od pratice and i might losse all the cal that i had this morning...
CALORISE : it might be 3000 cal and i think i might burn more after the netball pratice

i can't wait for the weight in on Monday...
will see you all tomorrow again


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