Khamis, 11 Jun 2009


Assalamualikum wh
hey you all...
here 1stly i just want to share with you all...i was so busy doing last update about e-goverment project which will be held tomorrow at the mall, later to night will be my last preparation.

before my preparation i attend at the meeting, and guess what every meeting must have the temptation, lots lots heavy food... well hehe...i don't have my breakfast yet, it's okay that i eat heavy thou and i do my control my potion, anyway later i do have my netball practice with the girls, i am sure i will be burn lots of cal... here some the list i ate..

Breakfast :
  • 1 pcs egg tart
  • 1 pcs Bingka Kacang (Green bean kek, our traditional kek)
  • 3 tablesppon Fried Noodles
  • 350 ml Milk Tea
Midday snack : i don't have any

Lunch :
  • a long cut piece of papayas
Afternoon snack : i don't have any also

Dinner :
  • 2 pcs Wholemeal Bread
  • Fry stir Vegeis cooked with a egg
  • 500ml water
Excise : 1 hour netball pratice

Okay, i have to go to the "MALL" now, look after the booth and i do need to perpation for tommorow, see you


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