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Hey there, my name is AZ from Brunei Darussalam. I’m 26 years young which struggle with a major weight problem all my life. I’m doing this blog cause of my obese and share all the blogger about my weight problem. Before I go far, I have to apologize that my English aren’t so good, but I try as best as I can...

As you all knew that why I am doing this blog, I have issues all my life…I been as obese girl since I was like 7 – 8 years. I can’t ask for anything that my mom cooks so delicious, yummy which mouth watering. Mostly which I was that age my mom loves to cook fried food, junk food and curry… I so in love with my mom delicacy of foods…not a problem at all, just it’s not a good healthy eating, and anyway I love my mom :)

Teenager for me is horrible during middle school, I been tease as a fat girl, and I hated that, why people to curl with life…as I been bully I was doing wronged with my diet plan. By that time only take 2 tablespoon of rice and lots of mineral water which end up hospitalized. That time I didn’t weight so well with my diet, I was looked damd skinny, which I don’t know about it, I thought I was still fat… that’s was a stupid thing I have done. During my high school year, I put back my weight, as obese weight, people kept on saying that I looked fat, well I don’t care anymore because I knew that I am happy person.

In my earliest 20ish, after graduated I work as a cashier at nearby supermarket. As before I was putting my obese weight during high school year, but when I was working as cashier I was watching my diet. Not like last time which I was hospitalized I watch closed, I really don’t want to be end like last time… I think I was lost like 22 kilos and I am glad I was lighter n healthier. My diet was every morning I ate a bowl of oats which I mixed with some dried fruit or fresh fruit and a glass of juice, lunch I will have verity of fruits follow with a bottle of mineral water and later that night I drink my special green tea call “Lite Tea”.

Lucky me about 3 years working at supermarket, I got a call from government broadcasting agency, told me that I got hired with them as PA (Assistance Producer). I was jumping around I was happy an excited. As I came to the place all stress are pushing me which my temptation are DARK CHOLATE, men! I have to have it every single day to let my stress out… and yes you guess it, I put my weight even heavier.

In about 1 ½ year working as Assistance producer, I have a new position which I was every extremely LOVE IT… My position is “PHOTOGRAPHER WOMEN” LOVE IT! I can’t wait to get start with my work, and I still hung with my position as photographer till now days… I never think anything better that taking picture.

But the sad thing I getting fatter and fatter… and starting today 04.06.2009 I try to commit myself that I need to lose some weight….

As today my weight is 97Kilos it’s about 194Lbs and my gold are 60Kilos….



BREAKFAST : 2 Tablespoon of Rice
Handfull Mixed Chopped Veges

Necafe 250ml
LUNCH : I don't have any yet, but i drink alots of water
DINNER: same like lunch, since i am try doing my work, before sleep i have a cup of LITE TEA

EXERISE : Stretch 5 mins
Warming up 5 mins
Brisk walking about 1/2 hour at Stadium
Stretch cooling down 5 mins
1/2 weight cardio
Stretch cooling down 5 min

wieght today 97kg
height 1.64m
waist 39 inch
bust 45 inch
hip 49 inch
Body Figure Glass Hour
(*will be update on 1st week wieght in)

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